Why I Took a Break from Work to Write This
Nick Kulavic |

Blink 182 wrote a song once, in it the song, famous words were spoken….”work sucks, I know….”. Those simple words led me to this post. Why? Who knows! Not I! For me, work is a challenge. It sucks because I can’t figure out the problem but is also enjoyable at the same time.

Hold on….that doesn’t make sense! How can one thing suck, but also be enjoyable? It comes down to perspective. Two minutes ago I typed these words of art. Sometime, somewhere in the future you are reading these words of art. Sometime, somewhere in the future I will also go as far to guess that you are singing Blink 182 – All the Small Things in your head after the opening sentence and if you are not… here is the link again.

Crazy! I went from frustrated coder to air guitar rockstar in the matter of minutes. Did you…..?

Next time you think work sucks, remember……America Needs You!

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