Why Busting Your Ass Is Not Enough
Nick Kulavic |

Monday……..Work to do?

Like most of us, Monday is a love and hate type of day. Some of us feel ready to kick the week’s ass, while some of us just wanna stay in bed. I had a sense of Deja Vu on my Monday. It started like most…. waking up, cooking breakfast, having a cup of coffee, checking the servers, writing some code, etc… and then ending with a transition into the nightly process of….checking the servers, writing some code, eating dinner, making coffee, etc…. as you can see…pretty much the same.

The Problem – Workload and the Unknown of Everest

Ok, it isn’t the size of Everest but it is daunting. I start my day knowing that I have a boatload of things to do…and not enough time to do it.  What is even more frustrating….the unknown that comes out of a large workload. How do you start? What new is going to come up next?

I thought that I had a hand full of small tasks to complete including a shopping cart design, eCommerce integration (sending and syncing data to Infusionsoft), and a Hubspot migration to name a few. What I didn’t realize is that each of these individual tasks would have their own set of bugs and unknown outcomes which then lead to more tasks, and more tasks….and less sense of self worth.

  • “I feel defeated……I was going to accomplish something today…..”
  • “Its only a couple products with a handful of variations…that should be easy……”
  • “Shit….I’ve been working on these variations for hours…..why are they all not working…..this should be easy……”
  • “What in the hell…..Salesforce is synced to Hubspot…which needs to be synced to Infusionsoft….why are we playing duck, duck, goose with CRM’s…..

Basically, the day that I thought I had a grasp on….turned into an endless set of tasks that in the large scale didn’t feel like it accomplished anything.

The Solution – Learn from Your Mistakes

Even how pissed off I was that the tasks that I had to solve seemed easy, they kept spiraling out into very detailed tasks. Here are the things that I could have done better.

  1. Gather and Request All Data – I sent requests out for data in multiple packets vs one lump causing delay in the question process.
  2. Count Your Clicks – As I dove into different file trees, I began to get lost and forget where I was…causing me to waste even more time. Each click wrong to the server files caused a new connection and folder refresh.
  3. Spread Out Your Refreshes – A large amount of the time wasted was during page refreshes. Setting a refresh timer on pages that you constantly need to check makes things much easier.
  4. Prioritize – I can’t get to everything. Cut it and give simple answers.

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