Pandemic 2020
Nick Kulavic |

Its kind of weird to write this. I think everyone is going through some weird emotions right now. We’ve been in a different world for about a month. Relationships have been stressed, businesses closed, work halted, but even with all these life goes on. I wonder what the world will be like after this. It seems that everyone is so opinionated anymore and everyone thinks they know the right way you should live your life. It is hard. And to top it off, Tiger King, is the top show. WTF.

I don’t think I’ve felt the stress of daily life like this before. Normally, we know the show goes on. Now, the show is different, and we are all a little tense. As I write this, I really don’t know what I feel. I know I feel alone, but don’t we all. I can’t see the person I want. I can’t drive and enjoy the great outdoors. My friends across the nation are all handling it differently. My hands feel tied.

Daily life feels like groundhog day, except the weather changes, and each day there is more death globally, each day there is this weird pressure that we don’t know when or how this will all be over with. Its really confusing.

I’ve been trying to find solace in having a routine, but the days blend together. Some days, I feel like I have so much to do, others I feel like I’m still living the previous. The hours and conversations have all blended, yet the craziest thing, I haven’t even left the house in days. It feels strange to live your full day in a box…but I guess that is what it is.

Mentally, this shit sucks. I feel my relationship crumbling. I feel each day is so heightened by emotion that each one compounds onto each other.

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