Coding My Way to a Better
Nick Kulavic |

A great long time ago in Nick land, things weren’t always so pleasant. The grid was a bitch. My personal life was fucked. I was broke. I was scared……

These thoughts would come and go daily and no matter the outcome, the drive to not fail kept pushing me in a direction….a direction to code. Up until this time, I didn’t do much “coding”. I was more into the fine arts of bootleg X-Box 360 games.

What college kid wouldn’t want every X-Box 360 game out there? I know I did.

At the time I was studying business entrepreneurship at Illinois State University….basically classes that teach you to kick ass and make something out of your self. That part was easy, the hard part was the “what”.

Entrepreneurship classes are a double-edged sword. They give you the motivation and teach you what you need to go out there and make something out of yourself….they don’t tell you the hard part tho…that is up to you to figure out.

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